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231400, Novogrudok,
11 Mitskevich str.






Railway and bus stations

Bus station "Novogrudok"
Working hours:
Monday: 4.20 - 20.50
other days: 5.40 - 20.50
Telephone inquiry service for Novogrudok district: 114

Main services: ticket sales for suburban, intercity and international flights
- preliminary sale of tickets (except for passing flights);
- booking tickets (phone 8 (01597) 4-26-08,
- sale of tickets (including international ones) for bus flights from other passenger terminals,
- luggage storage (during the day).

We can pick you up the route to any destination in the Republic of Belarus, where there is a bus service (we offer 2, 3 or more tickets, although with transfer, but to the destination, and you buy all tickets at our bus station with a guaranteed seat on the bus).

Tickets can be purchased electronically (online) only on the ticketbus website. Responsibility for other sites we do not carry.
Information service on e-tickets 185 (throughout the country).