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231400, Novogrudok,
11 Mitskevich str.







Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of Novogrudok District Executive Committee
Address: 231400, Novogrudok, Mickiewicz Str. 11
tel./fax: 8- (015-97) -21364
The head of the department is Oleg  Anikeevich, tel. 21458

The system of education, sports and tourism of Novogrudok district is represented by 34 institutions:
Institutions of general secondary education:
1 gymnasium
7 secondary schools
8 educational and pedagogical complexes, including:
kindergarten-base school - 3
kindergarten-secondary school - 5
Institutions of preschool education:
3 pre-school child development centers
8 creche-gardens
Institutions of special education:
special boarding school
Center for Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation
Establishment of additional education for children and youth:
Center for Creativity of Children and Youth
Socio-pedagogical institution:
social and pedagogical center
Educational and sports institutions:
Children and Youth Sports School No. 1
Children and Youth Sports School № 2
Educational and recreational facilities:
health camp "Svityaz"
Institutions of secondary specialized education: branch of the educational establishment "Belarusian State Economic University" "Novogrudok Trade and Economic College" (
The "Novogrudok State Agrarian College" (
Establishment of vocational education:
"Novogrudok State Agricultural Professional Lyceum" (