Public health institution "Novogrudok Central Hospital"

Address: Novogrudok, ul. Volcheckogo, 53
Tel./Fax: (01597) 24566
The site of the health care institution "Novogrudok Central District Hospital"
Chief physician - Alexander Silich, tel. 61113

In the complex of social problems being solved in the Novogrudok district, the task of promoting public health is a priority.

The population of the district receives outpatient and preventive care in the district polyclinic with a capacity of 664 visits per shift, in a children's polyclinic with a capacity of 200 visits per shift, the Lyubchansk polyclinic with a capacity of 56 visits per shift and 4 outpatient clinics.

The city has 15 therapeutic and 9 pediatric sites. At an out-patient polyclinic link there are 55 beds of a day hospital.

Inpatient care is provided on beds, there are 2 nursing hospitals for 50 beds.
In the central regional hospital there are surgical, traumatological, gynecological, therapeutic, neurological, children's departments, anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care department, blood transfusion department, maternity department.

Infectious, dermatovenereological and cardiorespiratory departments, a laboratory for serodiagnosis of infectious diseases, a cytology laboratory are inter-district. The ambulance department operates round the clock, which serves about 13 thousand calls during the year.

From modern methods of diagnosis and treatment are used:
- US examination of internal organs, thyroid gland, breast, bladder, prostate, pelvic organs in women,
- fibrogastroscopy,
-endoscopic surgery,
-Daily monitoring of arterial pressure and ECG;
-Correction of vision with contact lenses,
- determination of the level of thyroid hormones and prostate cancer markers;
- cosmetology: consulting dermatologist, facial masks for the prevention and treatment of young and aged skin, chemical peels (surface and middle layers) mesotherapy different skin areas, removing excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) injection contour correction of static wrinkles with age skin atrophy face, neck, frontal region, skin nasolabial folds and the front surface of the chest,
-Puncture of earlobes,
Deleting benign skin tumors of viral etiology (warts, papilloma, molluscum contagiosum, warts, nevi)
- heromassage of the face.

In addition to health facilities in the district there is a children's health camp "Svityaz", as well as a branch of the sanatorium "Magistralny" of the Baranovichi railway department "Svityaz".