Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of Novogrudok District Executive Committee
Address: 231400, Novogrudok, Mickiewicz Str. 11
tel./fax: 8- (015-97) -21364
The head of the department is Oleg Anikeevich, tel. 21458
Website of the Education, Sports and Tourism Department of the Novogrudok District Executive Committee

The system of education, sports and tourism of Novogrudok district is represented by 34 institutions:
Institutions of general secondary education:
1 gymnasium
7 secondary schools
8 educational and pedagogical complexes, including:
kindergarten-base school - 3
kindergarten-secondary school - 5
Institutions of preschool education:
3 pre-school child development centers
8 creche-gardens
Institutions of special education:
special boarding school
Center for Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation
Establishment of additional education for children and youth:
Center for Creativity of Children and Youth
Socio-pedagogical institution:
social and pedagogical center
Educational and sports institutions:
Children and Youth Sports School No. 1
Children and Youth Sports School № 2
Educational and recreational facilities:
health camp "Svityaz"
Institutions of secondary specialized education: branch of the educational establishment "Belarusian State Economic University" "Novogrudok Trade and Economic College" ( )
The "Novogrudok State Agrarian College" ( )
Establishment of vocational education:
"Novogrudok State Agricultural Professional Lyceum" ( )